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APRIL 1st & 2nd 2017 - COURSE CANCELLED!!

Presented by Hagar Basis

Tony Porter is the originator of ART and has spent many years developing this unique technique. This seminar will be conducted by Hagar Basis, who has been Tony’s loyal and hard-working assistant right from the beginning and a wonderful exponent of ART.

ART™ is an evolvement of the traditional approach of finger and thumb walking, which forms the foundation of all good reflexology practitioner training courses. ART is the continuing education for the qualified Reflexologist and teaches effective clinical reflexology. ART techniques form an advanced, complementary approach and are effectively used alongside all modes of reflexology practice including the traditional Original Ingham Method®. Students will be shown how to detect the 'disturbed' reflexes of the feet, learn about the reflexes differing textures, what they mean, and treat them effectively.

This two-day comprehensive seminars provides students with the comprehensive instruction in the skills and techniques pioneered and developed by Anthony Porter over the last 30 years. All ART seminars are post graduate training in advanced techniques for the professional reflexologist.

75% of this ART seminar is practical based; demonstration with supervised Practice of ART Techniques. We will also cover the following aspects of ART™

  • Pain and the reflex picture
  • The 4 main reflex textures explained.
  • Reflex disturbance assessed/How to treat
  • Reactions to treatment/contraindications
  • Types of contacts used in treatment
  • The use of lubrication specific to ART
  • Working the feet in a sequential way
  • Working the reflexes systematically
  • Reassessing the Anatomical Guidelines of the feet

An ART™ Certificate of Attendance is awarded and 24 CPD points gained. (double AOR points)


“Advanced Reflexology Techniques are the result of many years of clinical experience and development that have shown proven clinical results, so much so, that medical consultants often refer patients for a course of treatment. The techniques enable the therapist to treat all types of feet in the most efficient and effective way, making giving treatments, far less tiring and more importantly far more therapeutic for the patient.

Advanced Reflexology Techniques are far more positive because of the type of stimulus used, that is, the pressure is deeper without going beyond the patient’s tolerance. A special treatment sequence is used which forms a very important part of the Advanced reflexology Techniques approach. Also the more orthodox ‘walking’ techniques are not the mainstay of the Advanced Reflexology Techniques, although they can be used in conjunction with them. Other areas of the hands, fingers and thumbs are used by the ART Therapist in an entirely different way, which makes the treatment far more flowing and dynamic.”

“Advanced Reflexology Techniques training is taught only as a post-graduate course. It is continuing education for the qualified reflexologist.”

“Learning the unique Advanced Reflexology Techniques and philosophy will dramatically improve the practitioner’s therapeutic effectiveness.”

“Advanced Reflexology Training teaches proven effective reflexology which has more of a professional clinical application. The techniques and concepts form a refreshingly new and highly effective straight forward approach to reflexology.”

Course fee: £220.00

Deposit A £50.00 deposit is required to secure a place and balance of fees to be paid 4 weeks prior to course commencement)

Venue: Inspira House, Dinas Powys



Email: inspira1@btinternet.com- Please contact Inspira to receive your booking form

How to find the venue: Just add in your postcode at the bottom of the map and google will provide you with directions:

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