DUOPODY translates to mean DUO (two) PODY (feet) and this is exactly what this course is about..... both feet at the same time!

DUOPODY is a symmetrical technique and you will learn to work methodically through each body system.

Throughout trials DUOPODY has brought about profound responses from clients. Working both feet at the same time undoubtedly stabilises our basic energy, and diverts our mentally overactive energy back to our feet.....helping us to become more "grounded".

Consultation procedures also differ as you use a DUOPODY pro forma which allows you to quickly and simply identify which systems are most compromised (and recording your findings are simplified too!).

Sue believes that DUOPODY is the reflexology of the future!!


CALM © - PALLIATIVE/CLINICAL REFLEXOLOGY (Caring Attention Leading to Mollification).

This is a new technique for qualified reflexologists who wish to work with the terminally ill in a broad spectrum of settings i.e. hospice/hospital, but as not everyone with a terminal illness is in a clinical environment, CALM can also be safely used in private settings too.

In the past, reflexologists have adapted their usual technique i.e. lightened pressure etc. CALM technique is not an adaptation, it is specific to the very different needs experienced by the terminally ill.

The CALM course and technique is based on working in broad areas rather than focussing on a single imbalanced reflex, and during the course you will be able to recognise areas that have a lack or an excess of energy and learn how to re-distribute these hypo and hyper blockages. CALM technique also incorporates working the chakra points on the feet, together with a CALMing of the aura.

Collectively these techniques aim to improve well-being (on all levels) rather than effecting a cure and most importantly you are also empowering the person you are working with, as they have the opportunity to be involved in their own mind/body processes.

SPORTSFLEX is a highly specific and effective method with which to therapeutically treat sports personnel and sport related injuries.

You will learn how to access individual muscles, muscle groups, ligaments and tendons, via the feet and hands, in order to promote optimum performance and also to evoke a rapid healing response if injured or traumatised.

Injuries that are common to different sporting arenas (rugby, football, netball, swimming, cricket etc.) will be covered.

More and more professional sports teams, clubs and individuals are recognising the validity of different ways with which to promote and maintain high performance levels, so this course could lead to work opportunities.

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