21st & 22nd April 2017

Presented by Peter Lund Frandsen & Dorthe Krogsgaard

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Being open to new knowledge - and wishing to use it
Touchpoint provide lectures, seminars and continuing professional development for complementary therapists.
Our main target group is experienced reflexologists.

We wish to ensure, that participants on Touchpoint seminars acquire useful new knowledge as well as having new thoughts arise. In our experience both the competition and expectations to complementary therapists are rapidly increasing. Therefore, we strive to maintain a high professional standard and we are not afraid of challenging our participants. One functions the best, whith openness to new knowledge and a desire to always improve.

Touchpoint offers a series of post graduate seminars in Denmark and abroad. In addition we convene seminars in Denmark with foreign tutors. In step with the process of globalisation, we find it important to maintain and develop international networking on all aspects of complementary therapy.

Dorthe Krogsgaard and Peter Lund Frandsen are certified tutors of Nerve Reflexology through MNT-NR International.

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  • Dorthe Krogsgaard

    Dorthe Krogsgaard

    With 30+ years of experience working full time in her Copenhagen based practise, Dorthe is one of the reflexology veterans in Denmark. Throughout her career she has always been actively involved with raising the profession's standards and documenting its effects.

    Dorthe has served as chairperson for the Danish Reflexologists Association, FDZ and was instrumental in establishing FDZ's Research Committee in 1991.
    Dorthe Krogsgaard has lectured at international conferences and served as a board member and vice president of ICR.

    • Peter Lund Frandsen
    • Peter Lund Frandsen

      Peter has studied modern physics and philosophy in the USA, and medicine at University of Copenhagen, Denmark. He also studied reflexology and has practiced this since 1990.

      Through 30 years Peter has followed the development of Energy Medicine via litterature studies and conferences in Europe and USA. He presents the Frontier Biology lecture series on this and related subjects,

      Peter Lund Frandsen is an international tutor, lecturer and author of many articles on various aspects of reflexology.

      In Denmark he is co-head and partner of Institute of Complementary Therapies (IFIB).
Course information - Round About: The Heart
Date Time
Friday     21 April 2017 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Saturday 22 April 2017 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Venue: Inspira Academy
Address: The Vale Enterprise Centre
  Hayes Road, Sully, near Penarth, South Wales
  CF64 5SY
Directions: Inspira Academy Location
Country: United Kingdom
Duration: 2 day(s)
Cost £275.00
Deposit £55.00

The heart is much more than a pump - maybe the heart should recieve more attention in your reflexology sessions?

In many cultures the heart is viewed as the very center of life. In ancient Egypt the heart of deceased was weighed in a ceremony to see if they were worthy to enter the afterlife. The Aztec would sacrifice hearts to return power to the sun. In the Bible the heart represents the innermost part of a human being, its soul or true self. The Indian Upanishads talk about the Lotus of the Heart, the inner chamber of the self, which becomes an eternal part of the universe, when the body cease to exist. " As large as the external universe, so large is the universe in the heart lotus".

These philosophical descriptions, despite their different origin, share the same deep wisdom of the heart. And excitingly, new scientific research now enables us to revive this old knowledge in a Western reference frame.

The wealth of new information inspires us to emphasize working more with the heart in all reflexology sessions.

That is why we have developed a new workshop about the heart with the following main themes:

Embryology, the heart is formed from two different cell lines, see how the heart is structured as a knot, that can be "untied".
Heart anatomy and physiology -  about two million heartbeats of a lifetime.
The Vagus nerve is mostly an afferent (sensory) connection to the heart, how can we interpret this new finding?

  • The Heart as a hormonal gland.
  • The hearts influence on stress, how can we stimulate it in a positive way?
  • Heart diseases and what we can do.
  • The heart creates our strongest magnetic field, 5000 times stronger than the brain's, what does that mean?
  • The relationship of the heart to other organs during reflexology.
  • Techniques to relax the fascia around the heart.
  • The heart's connection to the diaphragm and psoas muscle.
  • New reflexology techniques for the heart.

This workshop will give you a completely new view of the heart.

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